Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saving the Moola: June in review

More than any other month this year, June forced us to re-evaluate our priorities and pray... a lot. It's hard to stay true to ourselves when we allow others into our minds, but we really pulled this month off. We feel really good about the fact that half of the year is over! We're looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next six months.

Jason worked many hours at his job this month which allowed us to throw a lot of money at our debt. In fact, this month marks the point where we have, to date since March 25th, paid off more than 50% of our debt! We are pretty excited about the progress we've made. Our end date is to be debt free of student loans by December 31, but I have a feeling we might, we just might, reach our goal a bit sooner. YAY!

Paying off our debt sooner rather than later will be particularly joyful as there are a few items we really, really want to purchase. We're holding off on purchasing these until we're debt free, so when we are debt free, it will be that much more fun to be able to go out and pay cash for the wants we have and have no debt at home.

This month, we shared Suze Orman's motto and what it really means and Dave Ramsey's motto and how it applies to your life. These are key posts for standing in your truth and learning to say no to others {and yes to yourself}.

We also shared our realizations that in true busy seasons of life, our budget needs leniency and grace. This doesn't just save the budget from seriously imploding on itself, but it also saves one's sanity. Because we're predicting our lives will remain busier for the rest of the year than we had predicted at the beginning of the year, we've started saying no to some things when necessary to allow ourselves to live our truest lives.

We make it a point to have a time budget each and every day. This ensures we're not only maximizing the time we do have, but it also ensures we get rest time each day. Our bodies, souls and brains need time to rest and refresh, and if we were just going, going, going all day, we would just burn out. We want to make sure we're living our lives truthfully, and that sometimes means we can't be available for everyone.

Our mission is to first and foremost be available to God. Our minds and hearts are alert and open to God for whenever He speaks truth and encouragement and love to us. Our family, which is ourselves and our cat, are next important. We plan to focus more on making sure we have a family movie night each Saturday night in July and family game night each Sunday night in July. These absolutely fell off the radar in June, and we noticed it.

After that, our goals are to continue bringing the best of what we have to offer to this blog and to spend time with extended family and friends. We also like to give back to our local community in terms of our time and goods. We plan to keep these at the forefront of each day to ensure we're living our lives for God.

Without a time budget, we would waste time and money. June helped us to realize this even more, and it helped us to re-evaluate our priorities. Combine all of that with the fact that we paid off far, far more in debt than we imagined due to Jason's OT, June was one spectacular, surprising month.

Share with us! How are your financial goals coming along? Can you believe the year is half over?!?!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for two months now and you are uplifting and remind me to stay on track! Thanks!!!

Jess and Jason said...

Thank you so much for being a reader! My husband and I are so glad we are uplifting to you. Your comment was uplifting to US! We're so glad to know the information we share is helpful to you. We pray you have a wonderful month. May God bless you and your family!