Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saving the Moola: do you drive? you need to read this post!

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Most Americans have vehicles. And if you have a vehicle that you want to drive, guess what? It needs fuel!

If you have a car and drive it and have a warehouse store near you, I cannot encourage you enough to go out literally right now and purchase a membership.

Despite the fact that you can save on certain groceries and household items, the fuel savings alone is worth the cost of membership. In fact, if you make it a point to always, or most of the time, get gas from a warehouse store, you will earn back your membership fee and save on top of it!

Jason and I have been Sam's Club members for several years now. Until recently, we did not even think to get gas there. Big mistake! We went to Sam's Club for our monthly grocery shopping trip and on the way, we passed by several gas stations where gas was $3.19. On a whim, I said we should check at Sam's Club since we were going there anyway.

We were beyond thrilled when the cost of gas at Sam's Club was just $3.04 with a Sam's Club membership card! We saved about $1.50 that day, and we get gas about once per week. If we used Sam's Club each week {and we have been getting gas there fairly regularly since that first time}, we would save about $78 over the course of the year. The membership fee is $40, so we save a true amount of $38!

And if you shop inside the store, making sure to price items out carefully to ensure you are getting the best price anywhere {we have a price book for this}, you could save more on top of the $38, after taking into account the membership fee.

The fuel savings may not always be 15 cents per gallon. The last time we went, we saved a total of 10 cents per gallon. But if a Sam's Club is near your house or place of employment, so you'd be passing by the store anyway, you absolutely should have a Sam's Club card and get your gas there.

The best news is that you do not even have to be a member to get savings on your fuel! You will receive extra savings if you do have a Sam's Club membership card, but if you decide you really don't want a membership card, check out their gas anyway. The last time we went, the gas was 5 cents cheaper per gallon than all the other gas stations on the same street. We saved an additional 5 cents per gallon with our card, but you can still save pennies per gallon without a card! It just makes sense {and cents! haha} to go to Sam's Club to fill up your tank.

While we only know of and have personally experienced the savings at Sam's Club, which is our local warehouse store, if you have a BJ's, Costco or other warehouse store in your area, absolutely check them out!

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