Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saving the Moola: May in Review

I feel like I start every monthly review post with "This was a crazy month!" Well, this was a crazy month!

By the end of April, we had made serious headway on many of our financial goals in terms of saving cash for items we wanted, like an iPod and an electronic Bible. This success only spurred us on more in May.

We attended Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover live event in early May, and I have to tell you that this truly encouraged us! In fact, we came home that night and paid off one of my student loans! That was incredibly awesome, and we cannot wait to get my other student loan paid off and be debt free {our goal is by the end of the year}.

Jason and I were crazy busy at work. So busy that Jason was able to clock in some overtime. He has been working so hard this year - I could not be more proud of him. He contributes to our household in a way that no man I've ever known has before. He cooks, he cleans, he works - he is my Superman.

We're so grateful that our car is still running {it has not needed any repairs yet this year - I think that's a record for this car!}. We looked at Preston's vet records and realized he didn't need any shots this year, so we're grateful he can skip a vet visit {Preston is not a fan of the vet... but what cat is?}. Jason and I also agreed that Preston would want us to pay off our debt quickly, so we're taking some money from his envelope to apply toward my student loan. You would not believe how much money had accrued in his envelope! He's quite a good little saver! Haha.

We're diligent about finding little ways to save money since we know all the little things we do seriously add up over time. We've been eating simpler meals, like bread + butter with carrots and fruit for dinner. We've been taking anything and everything others want to give to us, like a few pounds of asparagus we picked at a relative's house. Most importantly, we're relying on God to provide us with what we need. We've experienced some setbacks this year, but through prayer, we've persevered and kept our attitudes positive.

Share with us! How are your financial goals coming along? Can you believe it's already June? {I'm still wrapping my head around that one!)

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