Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty Fix: lipstick gets new life + new reputation by Lipstick Queen

My life has been pretty void of lipstick. It always felt cakey and heavy and looked quite unflattering. I used lip balm and lip gloss in lieu of lipstick, but there are certain occasions and moods that call for lipstick.

In particular, as I was preparing for my wedding, I knew I wanted to wear lipstick. I didn't necessarily want a lipstick that lasted for a day since you have to keep applying the balm. If you have to keep applying the balm, you might as well keep applying lipstick. It takes the same amount of upkeep.

When done right, lipstick should make you feel gorgeous and it should feel gorgeous on. Poppy King, the creator of Lipstick Queen, delivers all that and more with her line of lipsticks.

Fantastic lipstick doesn't come cheap - each tube runs about $20, but believe me when I tell you you have never experienced lipstick unless you've tried Lipstick Queen lipstick. It can also be difficult to find. If you want to buy at a brick and mortar store, you'll have to go to Barney's or Anthropologie. Online, it can be found at a few more places, but not many.

If you're new to Lipstick Queen's line, I recommend Medieval {pictured above}. It looks dark, but please don't be frightened! If you do one pass over your lips, it will be very sheer. The fantastic part of this lipstick is its layerable. I personally prefer at least two passes over my top and bottom lips - it's not too dark, but it's far from being light. It's a really pretty ruby type color, but a very light ruby with only two passes. If you want a darker look, keep going - each pass nets you a darker ruby color. The shade is flattering on virtually everyone.

It's super easy to apply, and it glides on easily, unlike other lipsticks I've tried. And when it's on, it looks lipglossy. I think others would be hard pressed to say with certainty you're wearing a lipstick when you're wearing Lipstick Queen. And the color is perfect for layering a gloss on top. For my wedding, I wore Medieval, then one swipe of a light pink lip gloss. The combination was so pretty. You can mix and match this with lip glosses you own to create new colors. You'll get a ton of mileage out of this lipstick.

This is the only lipstick I use, and I bust it out for all major occasions or whenever I need a pick me up. I love it for date nights, weddings and family gatherings. I'm dying to try the Butterfly Ball collection of lipsticks pictured below. Don't they look divine?

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