Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In My Mailbox

What an odd and great assortment! Here's what we received this past week for free in our mailbox:
  • Four coupons for $5 off Similac
  • Two tubs of Similac formula
  • Two coupons for $1 off 10+ lb. bags of Tidy Cats litter
  • Embraced by God by Babbie Mason
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine issue
  • Woman's Day magazine issue
  • Shape magazine issue
  • All You magazine issue
  • Every Day Food magazine issue
We have no clue where the Similac items came from. Jason went down to get packages from our regular delivery lady, and she asked if congratulations were in order. Jason looked at her, confused, and said, "No?" Ha! No congratulations are in order, and we're going to find a family to bless these items with as we certainly have no use for the coupons or the formula!

You can request coupons from Purina by calling 1-800-PURINA. You can request two coupons per month. I mark this on my schedule each month to be sure I call to get these coupons. We've priced out litter at all the stores and with the coupons, Tidy Cats 10 lb. bags are cheaper than everything else. Since this has been what Preston has used since he was a kitten, we are glad to be able to buy the brand he was raised on and not pay anything extra out of pocket.

I won a copy of Embraced by God by participating in a Facebook chat party for the book's release. It's a devotional, and I'm excited to delve into this book sometime this year.

I signed up for Woman's Day and Shape year-long magazine subscriptions for free earlier this year. Recently, I signed up for a year-long Every Day with Rachael Ray subscription. Jason and I were thrilled when this arrived! We used to subscribe to this magazine, but we've cut those costs from our budget as we read the magazines for free at the library or at a bookstore. And it's so great when we can get them for free!

We used amazon.com gift cards we earned from SwagBucks to get a six-month subscription to All You, and we used points we earned from RecycleBank to get a subscription to Every Day Food.


tessa said...

I joined Recyclebank about two days ago after coming across your blog on Pinterest, and have already earned two magazine subscriptions! I'm loving reading your blog as well.

Jess and Jason said...

Tessa, I'm so glad you're loving RecycleBank! It's such an easy way to earn points, isn't it? Enjoy your magazines! :) We're thrilled you're a reader of our blog. Thank you for being here.