Friday, May 4, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Pictionary, the Card Game

This game is an odd one. My first notice is that the box states that it is a game for two teams, and it doesn't say that these teams need to be of two or more players each. This was a little offsetting as Jess and I do not usually play games with others.

All the different cards
Here is how the game works:
Each team gets a stack of small picture cards. Each team chooses a clue-giver. A card is drawn and the clue-givers decide which answer they are trying to get their teams to guess (there are 4 answers on a card). The clue-givers use the picture cards to get their team to say the answer. The picture cards can be used in almost any fashion. You could for instance take the card with a picture of a clock on it and place it against the back of your wrist to get your team to say wrist watch.

Though the concept is simple, there is something missing when Jess and I played a couple of cards.  just seeing if the other person could guess what answer. Either our brains just work differently, or one of us is horrible at this game, and I vote not me! (on a side note how you would get someone to guess "The Simpsons" with the pictures provided is beyond me)

These three cards together would never get anyone to shout out surfboard.
But now imagine that I am moving the stick man standing on
the rectangle across the waves and then someone may say
surfboard. But they are just as likely  to say Leonardo DiCaprio
(if you need me to explain why they may shout his name,
check out the movie Titanic from your local library).

If you have a group of people who like this kind of game, I would recommend actual Pictionary over this game, as you need a playing area just as you would if you were playing a board game, so this being a card game actually doesn't increase the number of locations you can play it at (I actually think limiting people to the cards makes this game a little harder. In the eight rounds that Jess and I went through, if I could have used a pencil, I think I could have gotten her to guess the answers much faster). But we picked up this game for 88 cents from our local Walmart with a coupon, so that works, I guess.

-Gamer Jason

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