Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beauty Fix: my big pores can be hidden with one simple, yet genius product

Confession: I have huge pores. They are seriously crater-sized. It's horrifying.

There's nothing really you can do for big pores. I mean, you can't really change the way your face was designed, unless you want to go under the knife, and I don't, thank you very much.

And beyond my huge pores, I have a fairly greasy face. You'd think I took grease from cooking up sausage and slathered it on my face. I don't know why my face is so oily, but I've tried so many products, and none of them ever worked.

But one day, I heard something that literally stopped me in my tracks. Mally Roncal, quite possibly the bubbliest person I've ever known, designed a product that not only would help decrease the size of my pores, but it would also mattetify my face.

As Mally would say, can you hear the angels singing?

Yes, Mally, I believe I can.

I was dubious that this one product, Mally's Poreless Face Defender Compact with Sponge, would deliver so much, but I bought it anyway. And let me tell you, this product really and truly works. It's like a compact in its design, and the sponge is creatively hidden on the other side, so you can just throw the compact in your handbag and be good to go.

The product is clear. You just rub the sponge on it for a few seconds, then dab all over your face. You can even rub the sponge on your face. I prefer dabbing, but you can use it however you desire. And the product really does make my face look completely matte.

No more shiny spots. No more pores staring me down.

I use this on days when I am wearing cosmetics and on days when I am not (my normal, every day routine is shower, brush teeth, wash face, brush hair and nothing else). If I'm going the extra mile, I will use my face defender, curl my eyelashes and throw on slip lip balm. Still no cosmetics, but a fresh face is best.

On days where I'm really going all out - foundation, mascara, possibly even eye shadow and blush, oh my! - this product still works like a charm and really makes my face look polished.

And really, that's the beauty of this product. You look more polished. I look and feel more put together, even if I just have my hair in a ponytail and am wearing sweats.

If you suffer from the same face problems I do, this product really is your best bet. And it lasts a long time, so you get a lot of bang for your hard-earned buck.

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