Friday, April 13, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Taboo

This game is great for a crowd, and the game states that it is for four or more players, but Jess and I find it very entertaining with just the two of us.

The word that the clue-giver needs to get his teammates to say is confetti.
He cannot say paper, scraps, throw, wedding, and celebration.

It's a simple game that almost anyone can play. I will cover the rules that are provided with the box. The players are divided into two teams. The first team picks one of their players to be a clue-giver. This isn't too important as each player will get a chance to do this. The other team picks one of their players to be the buzzer. The clue giver then draws a card and tries to get his team to guess the word at the top of the card without saying that word or any of the other five taboo words on the card. The buzzer player's job is to use a buzzer (included with the game) if the clue-giver says any of the taboo words or the guess word, causing the clue-giver to discard the card and start on a new one. Each time that the clue-giver gets his team to say the guess word, he also draws another card and repeats the process. The clue-giver only has one minute to do all of this and this causes rushing. Scoring is simple: one point for the clue-giver's team for each word they got right and one point for the other team for each card that got buzzed. Each player gets to be the clue-giver one time, and once everyone had a chance, then the game is over and the scores are totaled to see who wins.

The buzzer

Jess and I still have fun playing this game, even though the game calls for four players and we are only two. We just take turns being the clue-giver for the other person, buzzing ourselves when we mess up. We don't actually keep score, but Jess seems to guess more of my words than I do of hers. I recommend that you give this game a play even if you don't have enough players.

-Gamer Jason

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