Friday, April 27, 2012

The Gaming Corner: The Game of Life

This game only bears a slight resemblance to the Game of Life I played as a kid, but it's a fun game no matter which board you are playing on.

The Game of Life set up and ready to play
 The premise behind the game is simple. You start out by yourself in a car. As you spin the spinner and move your car along the track (representing your life), each space you end your turn on represents different things that happen in your life. At the start of the game, you have to decide if you are going to go to college or get a jump on life. Going to college nets you $100,000 in game debt but gets you a job that pays more, while getting a jump on life gets you a few spaces ahead of the college goers and no debt. After choosing your career, you will get hitched, buy a starter house, sue other players, go back to college (or to college for the first time), buy a bigger home, and eventually retire. Once every player has retired, the player with the most money wins.

The bright yellow spaces somehow make the game seem a little more silly than the black spaces on the board I grew up with. The cartoon people drawn all over the board make the game a little more silly, but in a fun way. The game still plays much the same. Stock market spaces have been replaced with Spin it to Win it spaces and Revenge spaces have been replaced with Lawsuit spaces.

The end game is different, as in the old game, you chose either go on to the Millionaire Acres or the Poor Farm. They have been replaced with Millionaire Estates and Countryside Acres, and players going to the countryside acres actually have a chance to win.

The game does require some assembly (the box warns you that adult assembly is required) but it isn't too hard. Also, this game doesn't do a good job of pointing out any good values, more along the lines of the person with the best job who sues everyone else wins (which some people may actually agree with, but we do not). It's probably best if you play this game with children old enough to truly understand that debt and suing people are not the answer to life (no pun intended!).

-Gamer Jason

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