Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty Fix: a wash cloth just doesn't cut it

If you read this blog regularly, you know we're pretty frugal. This doesn't mean we don't splurge on certain items, though. One example, not beauty-related, is that we lo-ove our Bose in-ear headphones. We recently bought a second pair of these so that Jason and I could each have our own pair. These are pretty pricey at $100 each, but they are the best in-ear headphones ever. You can literally hear a difference in the sound, and they fit so comfortably in the ear.

Anyway, that's just to show that if you live simply, you can splurge here and there. And one item I definitely splurged on, and never regretted, is my Clarisonic.

And actually, I just lied. Technically, I somewhat regret it. I regret purchasing a Clarisonic Plus (pictured above) because I never, ever have used it on my body. The Clarisonic Plus can be used on your face and your body - there are separate brush heads for each. I don't really regret it, though, as I really do mean to try it in the shower - I just haven't gotten around to it yet!

The Clarisonic Plus is the most expensive model and ranges in price depending on where you shop (hint: QVC often has lower prices on Clarisonic than other stores, including I purchased my Clarisonic in a kit with philosophy products for less than $200, but this model, with Clarisonic products, sells for $225 on So definitely shop around!

Besides this model, there is the Classic Clarisonic face model and the Mia 1 and 2 models, which are travel Clarisonic models. There is also an Acne Clarisonic and a Professional Clarisonic. I prefer plain white, and that is what I purchased a year or so ago, but the models came in a wide range of colors and patterns now.

So why spend so much on something that cleans your face? Why not just use a wash cloth, right? Here's why: your wash cloth isn't really cleaning your face as well as you think it is. When I bought the Clarisonic, I made it a point to wear make up as soon as I got it. That night, I used my favorite cleanser, philosophy purity made simple, and a wash cloth. Then, I used the same cleanser with my Clarisonic without reapplying the make up. When I pulled the brush away from my face, the brush was colored with my foundation!

Clearly, wash cloths do not get all the uck off your face. Granted, I rarely wear make up. Most days, I use my Clarisonic just once, right after I shower, and I use philosophy's microdelivery exfoliating wash. My face feels cleaner after using the Clarisonic than when I use a wash cloth.

And it's not really just me who thinks this. Visit - there are pictures to prove the Clarisonic cleans more effectively than traditional methods.

The brush heads do have to be replaced every now and then, so there are maintenance costs involved. However, I've only changed my brush head once in the past year, and the kit I ordered came with two brush heads in addition to the one that came on it (I have one brush head left that is completely unused).

The Clarisonic is super easy to use and really takes all the thought out of washing one's face. There's a timer for each section of your face, so you just move the Clarisonic from one section when it makes a beeping noise.

I don't recommend the Clarisonic to everyone - if you don't really care about how clean your face is, definitely don't buy this. I am a germ-phobe (even of my own!), and I love the fact that I can count on my Clarisonic to keep my face clean. Jason doesn't use it regularly (which I kind of like because it's kind of like sharing a toothbrush in my mind, and that's gross), but he has used it quite a few times and loves it. When I asked why he doesn't use it every day, he said it was just easier to throw soap on his face in the shower (mind you, I don't think Jason ever is clean enough - did I mention I'm a germ-phobe? - so I really don't think this should be anyone's way of cleansing oneself).

While the price is steep, the benefits are too. The price tag is well worth it for this, and I would buy mine all over again if I didn't yet own one, or if mine broke. If you have a hefty Christmas budget set aside, I think this is a great gift for anyone.

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