Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty Fix: flossing really shouldn't be so difficult

In my late teens, I had a couple of cavities, and that really ticked me off! I liked to think I took good care of my teeth, but back in the day, I wasn't so great about flossing. My orthodontist had done a great job with my teeth... perhaps too great of a job. My teeth, besides my most front teeth, are very close together - so close together that it's difficult to get floss between the teeth and to get floss out from between the teeth (my current dental hygienist agrees, she always says she doesn't know if she's going to get the floss back once it gets in there).

There are a lot of different DenTek floss picks
available. Check out their website,, to view
them all and pick which one you like. The Comfort
Clean picks are the ones I'm currently using.
My dad didn't always take great care of his teeth, but now he's definitely a role model for great teeth care. One item that a dentist had recommended to him were floss picks. I thought they were so weird when I first saw them years ago, but last Thanksgiving weekend, when I started playing the drugstore game, I was able to get DenTek floss picks for minimal cost. I also picked up a bag of CVS brand floss picks that same weekend. I put a bag in each bathroom, so they'd be easy to grab.

I tell you what - floss picks are slightly more expensive, if you're comparing yardage of floss, but floss picks are so easy and quick to use. I floss more because it really takes just a second to grab a pick while in the bathroom and floss my teeth. I still don't floss every day, but I do it multiple times a week and am getting better at remembering and forming a new habit of it.

Between the two, DenTek brand and CVS brand, I would recommend DenTek. The floss used in the DenTek picks is softer on my gums; I've noticed I bleed more often with CVS brand and not just because of sensitive gums. The CVS brand picks actually hurt sometimes when I use them.

We still keep floss in the house, especially since we can often get it for free with a sale and coupon. And my husband still isn't convinced floss picks are the best thing since sliced bread. I'm working on him, though!

I went to the dentist just the other week and once again, the dentist proclaimed I had perfect teeth. I know part of that perfection is because of DenTek floss picks. DenTek floss picks are now a staple item in my house. By the way, DenTek is the same brand my dad uses. The apple doesn't fall so far from the tree after all.

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