Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Fix: an everyday exfoliator changed my skin + my life

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my love for Japonesque's eyelash curler tool, which is quite pricey for a tool of this kind at $19. As I was thinking about writing this post, I realized something and wanted to share my thoughts.

First - who doesn't wish they could go back and change everything? But, then, the problem with changing everything is: would I still have ended up here? I love my past because it brought me here, to this moment, writing for all of you, writing to all of you, writing for me.

Perhaps, I digress.

Whether anyone other than I knew it doesn't matter, but my teen years were hard. Yes, I had a place to sleep each night and my tummy never stayed hungry for too long, but I think there's all kinds of difficulties we can face and they can take a toll on our emotions. When I think back to my teen years, I seriously cringe. I never, ever want to be a teen again.

One thing I remember as being a source of contention with myself is my look. I had acne everywhere. I don't know if I had poor hygiene or not (I certainly remember showering and brushing my teeth each day, but I couldn't tell you for sure what else I did), but acne was everywhere, and it was both embarrassing and painful.

It seemed to clear up on its own a bit when I graduated - to the point where when I would see someone I graduated with, they would comment on my skin and how good it looked (also embarrassing).

But now, my skin is great. It will never be polished and all one color on its own without the use of foundation (but really, whose skin IS?). I will always have blemishes. But acne? I kicked acne out of my life.

If you know me at all, you know I'm frugal. You also know I wasn't always this way. I love everything about my past because it brought me to here, to this moment, writing to all of you, and I have to love it because my spendthrift days brought the discovery of philosophy's microdelivery exfoliating wash.

If you've tried an exfoliating wash before and discarded it before you even finished cleaning your face, stick with me here. This is a seriously revolutionary product. You can use this every day - it's that gentle! I use it every morning. Every. single. morning. My skin is so clear and fresh after using this cleanser. I suffer from the odd bit of acne here and there (but completely and totally blame my womanly cycle), but my face remains steadfastly clear day in and day out, thanks to this exfoliating wash.

As I mentioned with eyelash curlers, there was a bout in my life where I attempted to frugalize my beauty regime. My eyelash curler experiment failed. And I have no better news for you regarding my exfoliating experiment. When I last ran out of philosophy's exfoliater, I thought I'd head to Target and try the St. Ives facial scrub that so many people use and have said they loved.

One word: OWWWWWWWW!

That stuff hurts. It is not gentle in the least. I tried repeatedly to use it, but my face hurt so bad, I just threw it away and promptly re-ordered philosophy's exfoliating wash.

This product can be found anywhere philosophy products are sold, in varying sizes. If you want to be a true frugalista and pay the least amount per ounce, head over to which stocks special value sizes that can't be found in stores (this is where I personally shop for philosophy products so I can take advantage of the huge sizes of beauty products). The value size is 32 oz (pictured above), comes with a pump and costs $65.22 (without tax). I do not use a full pump when I wash, and a 32 oz bottle lasts me anywhere from nine months to a year. I do not "budget" for this item, in terms of having a line item in the budget that says "exfoliating wash" - I take money from our clothing envelope to pay for this (our clothing needs are very low, so no one is being deprived of clothing so I can buy a beauty product).

To try the product out, I would recommend buying a smaller size first - I did this myself years and years ago before committing to a vat of the cleanser. You can purchase at Macy's, Ulta, Sephora, etc. or online at

There is one other exfoliating product I am actually kind of dying to get my hands on: Exfolikate by Kate Sommerville. The problem? This stuff is even more expensive than my current cleanser! If anyone's tried this and can attest to its glory, please feel free to share with me. I would love to know!

Share with me! Have you tried an everyday exfoliater? Which one? Do you use philosophy products?

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