Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beauty Fix: discovering my eyes through the power of an eyelash curler

I literally cannot remember my life before I spent $19 on an eyelash curler tool. Well, I can - it was in high school. What did I do then to curl my eyelashes? All I can surmise is that my eyelashes steadfastly remained at half-mast, a tribute of their own making to mourn the lashes that could not, would not curl.

Granted, I discovered the power of high-quality eyelash curlers during my spendthrift days in my late teens and early 20s. But oh my. Shu Uemura had awakened in me something that may never have lived - the ability to see all of my eyes. Sephora was, and still is, a heaven for any beauty addict. When I lived in Ypsilanti, Sephora opened at our local mall, and the angels sang that day. Sephora was what first introduced me to the world of seeing and looking better, all thanks to Shu Uemura's eyelash curler.

How do I say goodbye
to the love my life?
For years, I religiously purchased Shu Uemura eyelash curlers every six months or so, or whenever I lost one. It seems easy to handle a $19 purchase... until you consider the fact that you're spending $19 on a beauty tool.

But nothing could deter me. My eyes were open! I discovered how pretty the color of my eyes were, now that I could actually see them. I never knew my lashes could curl. When I had used whatever brand of eyelash curlers I had used before Shu Uemura, my eyelashes would improve from slanting downward to sticking out straight. But there was no curl whatsoever.

In a time where I was trying to watch my spending, I purchased a CoverGirl eyelash curler from Walmart. That day is seriously imprinted on my brain. I can remember looking in the beauty area, thinking that so many people used these eyelash curlers, surely they must work.

I really don't think this is
even worth the piddly $4
it cost.
The eyelash curler performed just as I remembered - my eyelashes stuck straight out.

Well, that was a fun experiment while it lasted. Then, one horrific day, I made a stop at Sephora to pick up another eyelash curler. The sales associate politely informed me that Shu Uemura eyelash curlers were no longer being sold in the USA. Something to do with importing the item. I  not-so-politely informed the sales associate what I thought about that and left the store, cursing Sephora, Shu Uemura, every politician under the sun and whomever else possibly may have anything to do with my current fiasco.

What was I going to do? I could not live with my eyelashes at half-mast for the rest of my life.

I had shopped at Ulta on and off over the years for items like hair brushes, nail polish remover, etc. The sales associates there are incredibly friendly and empathetic - I should know. I drove to my local store and practically sobbed as I told the sales associate my sad tale. She proudly declared that she had an answer to my prayer - the Japonesque Power eyelash curler.

The price was the same, but the power behind the Japonesque Power curler was beyond that of Shu Uemura. Plus, I was signed up for the Ulta rewards club so every couple of months or so, I received a $3.50 off $10 coupon that I could use toward my eyelash curler, effectively reducing its price to $15.50.

If you haven't ever tried a high-quality eyelash curler (ladies, you cannot find them at Walmart), I seriously recommend you go out and purchase one. I know the cost is atrocious, especially now that I'm insanely frugal. The cost hurts. But the eyes are too lovely. And if it means I have to save up my change to purchase a beauty tool, then I'll just be the insane person who saved up her quarters to do that. I have no problem with that.

Share with me! What beauty tool have you spent an insane amount of money on? Have you experienced the wonder of a life-changing beauty tool?


Anonymous said...

I understand your search for that perfect eye lash curler. I've been through MANY. Fortunately my eyelashes are pretty long and do their own natural curling, but the best eyelash curler that I have found that works for me is made by Revlon.

Jess and Jason said...

You're blessed to have such naturally curly eyelashes! I have naturally curly hair so ya'd THINK I have would have curly eyelashes. Perhaps their downward curl is them being curly. Sigh :)

Kris said...

My eyeshadow is notorious for creasing, so I have found Beauty Control's eye-primer.. It lasts forever because you only need a really little bit each time, and it runs around $7-$8, but it increases the length of wear for a solid 6 hours or more!

Also, I (along with creasing eyeshadow) struggle to keep my mascara from raccooning out by evening, I ONLY buy Cover Girl's Las Blast Length (water resistant).. (It's the yellow one). And it lasts seriously all day!

Lastly, I hate lipstick... More specifically I hate when lipstick gets everywhere.. on my straws, on my glasses.. basically on everything but my lips.. However, I have found L'Oreal's Infallible Plumping (6hr) lipgloss.. and it actually does stay for HOURS. Even when I put chapstick on underneath it!

Ok.. the end of my long list of beauty favs! haha :)

Jess and Jason said...

My eyeshadow always creases!!! And that's partly why I stopped wearing it - I am seriously going to buy that eye primer this month and try it out! Thank you for the recommendation!

All of those recommendations are GREAT ones! It's funny how even when we don't worry about our beauty, we still worry about our beauty :) I know I do. I rarely wear makeup, but if I don't use my favorite cleanser in the morning, don't come near me - I will be CRANKY.

Thanks for sharing, Krista!!