Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Book Room: The Devil in Pew Number 7

Oh boy, do I have lots to share about this book. It all starts with a funny-to-me (and maybe to you!) story. has recommendations based on the user's rating history. I first heard of this book there. So I added it to my to-read list. Later, I checked my local library which is part of a district for the whole county. None of those libraries had it (20+ libraries). Then, I checked the state-wide library system to see if any library in my state had it. Not one single library had this book. I removed it from my to-read list and didn't think of it again until I received an email from Tyndale, a publishing house I review for, to let me know this book was available for review.

I signed up to review it promptly and was excited to delve into the story. But what I found inside the book was not what I had expected. I thought the book would be a bit like a thriller - it really is not. I don't agree with bombing near someone's home or shooting at their house, and I think these events are certainly thrilling in that the people inside the house are scared out of their wits and the situation is horrific. But the words the author wrote fell very flat. It just didn't feel like there was any emotion to the story at all.

While I'm glad I had the chance to read a book I thought I wanted to read, I had to force myself to keep going in order to provide a thorough, honest review. There's only type of person who would benefit from this book - those who struggle with forgiving others. I, oddly, don't struggle with this (likely the only thing I don't struggle with), so I didn't feel the book beneficial to me in that way. But if you do struggle with forgiving others, this book will help you embrace forgiveness.

Overall, I would skip this one.

Thanks to Tyndale for providing a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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