Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saving the Moola: dollar stores hold hidden treasures, but beware!

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for dollar stores. Back in the day when I was a huge spendthrift, I would go into a dollar store and not feel guilty in the slightest about anything I bought because hey, it's only a dollar! That is a horrible mindset to have, so if you have that, I recommend you promptly change it.

I made sure to change my mindset before recently heading to our local dollar store. We were organizing targeted areas of our home, and I wanted to check out our local dollar store in the hopes of finding bins and baskets to use to organize items. I scored big time - I bought 5 baskets for $4! While we were there, we poked around and found these other great deals:
  • Low-cal Italian dressing
  • Imitation vanilla extract
  • 3-liter soda
In consulting with our price book, we found the price per ounce for these items to be insanely good! We bought a bottle of Italian dressing (we were almost out) and a 3-liter bottle of soda to try it out. We have no complaints on either one. We don't yet need vanilla extract, but we're not picky as to whether it's imitation or not. I am certain this will do the job just right at the right price.

We are so impressed with our local dollar store's offerings that we plan to shop there on a monthly basis and on an as-needed basis - if we ever decide we want soda for family movie night, you can easily guess where we're going to stop and buy some!

And dollar stores aren't just great for food items. When we lived in Ypsilanti, I used to hit up the dollar stores around the holidays to fill out whatever we were giving to our nieces and nephews (we have since changed our philosophies on gifting), and I was amazed at what I found back then! Christian board books, Sesame Street coloring books, a pirate collection of items, like an eye patch and sword - the little ones really enjoyed our gifts!

It's important to always compare prices of ounces when shopping at dollar stores and to know the general price of items to be sure you are getting a good deal. Also, I would highly recommend trying something out first before buying multiples. An item isn't a good deal, no matter how cheap it is, if you decide you don't like the taste of it, or the item won't work in your home. So long as you are an aware consumer, dollar stores are a trove of hidden treasures. Happy hunting!

Share with us: What items do you shop for at dollar stores? What has been your best find so far?

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