Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pin This!

Here's the best pins I discovered this week on Pinterest:

Slit a toilet paper roll, and put the toilet paper roll around one tube of wrapping paper to keep the wrapping paper from becoming loose and wrinkly - LOVE! I absolutely need to do this.
In going through our freezer, we discovered most of the steak we have left from buying a quarter cow was cube steak. This cube steak sandwich recipe looks like a great way to use it up. Plus, who doesn't love the Pioneer Women? We also enjoy her breakfast burritos recipe and her breakfast potatoes recipe.
Paint chips are free and lovely - such a fantastic rainbow of colors can be viewed at a paint store. I love this use of them, using paper punches in different shapes. Pictured here are hearts.
Hmm, what's not to love - pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate. I think Chef Jason is going to whip these up soon for us to try!
This will the last Pin This! post in awhile to make way for other ideas we've cooked up to share here on our blog. We will share favorite pins on our Facebook page, so feel free to check us out there and "like" us to view pins, tips, favorite quotes, favorite Scriptures, our favorite blogs and more!

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