Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In My Mailbox

This was an exceptionally exciting week for freebies! {and Preston agrees, see pic below} Here's what we received this week:
  • Sweeter than Birdsong by Rosslyn Elliott
  • Good Housekeeping magazine issue
  • Women's Health magazine issue
  • Popular Science magazine issue
  • Thriving Family magazine issue
  • Every Day Food magazine issue
  • Audio Christian CDs
  • Cat litter coupons
I won a copy of Sweeter than Birdsong from a Facebook chat party I attended (I also won an amazon.com gift card that was sent via email). I receive all of the magazines, minus Every Day Food, from online offers for free year-long subscriptions. I redeemed RecycleBank points for Every Day Food.

I signed up for the audio Christian CDs for free by mail, and I call Purina every month to get cat litter coupons sent to me. Either the $2 off any size litter coupon is no longer available or I wasn't specific enough when I requested coupons. I'll be calling again soon and will check then. I hope the $2 coupons are still available because then litter is just pennies. If they're not, that's a little more we'll be spending on litter than we were before.

Preston was pretty excited about all our freebies! He wanted to say hello to all of you and share his excitement.

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