Friday, March 2, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Sequence

Both Jess' family and mine play this game. Grandparents all around own copies, as well as our parents, our siblings, and us as well. Why? you might ask... because this game is AWESOME!
A Sequence game in progress. Green is winning with 1 sequence. Can you find the sequence?
The board consists of a bunch of spaces that look exactly like playing cards, two spaces for every card of a standard deck of playing cards, minus the jacks (they don't work like normal cards in this game) and the four corner spaces have a picture of a playing piece in black instead of cards. These are free spaces and any player can use them in a Sequence.

The Sequence board
The deck that you play from is just two standard 52-card decks shuffled together. To play, you are dealt a number of cards based on how many players are playing and from there, each person takes turns playing a card, putting one of their colored chips on the corresponding card space on the board and drawing another card. Jacks are the only exception and a player can play a jack whose face is in profile (showing 'one eye') and instead of playing a chip, can remove any one chip from the board, or a jack whose face is in portrait (showing 'two eyes') and play a chip on any open space. The goal of the game is to make two sequences (only one if you are playing the 3-player/team game). A sequence is when you have five chips in a straight line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).

A sequence for the green player!
This game has a lot more strategy than my brief synopsis of the rules would lead you to believe and may have caused me a headache or two trying to figure out my best move before it was my turn.
The other fun thing about this game is that up to 12 people can play (but not 7 or 11) as you will just split the players up into two or three teams.

If you haven't ever played this game, I recommend that you go out and find yourself a copy to play, and if you have played the game, I recommend that you get it out of your closet and give it another play (as you will have much fun doing so).

-Gamer Jason

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