Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Monopoly

The Monopoly board - little has changed since its first printing in 1934
If any board game counts as a classic, Monopoly is it.
Different denominations of Monopoly money
Pieces that you can use to represent yourself when playing Monopoly
From right to left, top to bottom; Train, Mountie, Artillery, Bag of Gold,
Shoe, Car, Top Hat, Ship, Dog, Wheelbarrow, Iron, and Thimble
Monopoly is not for someone who only has a couple of minutes. This game is great for when you have a night to spend and nothing pressing to do. The goal is simple enough: be the last player with any money. Each player starts with a small amount of money, and take turns rolling the dice and moving around the board. 
The dice - watch out for doubles. They get you extra turns but if
you don't keep them under control, you could end up serving time.
Players can buy the deeds to the majority of the spaces they land on. 
Property cards, Chance cards and Community Chest cards
Once you own a property, whenever another player lands on it, they must pay you rent. This is the main way of reducing the other player's money while increasing yours. The rent paid for a single property is rather low, but if you own all of the like colored properties, you then have a Monopoly and gain some special privileges. The rent you charge is doubled for all your properties you own that are part of a Monopoly, and you can build houses and then a hotel on Monopoly properties.

Four houses and one hotel
Houses and hotels exponentially increase the rent due to the other players if they land on a property containing one. When rolling the dice, if you roll doubles, you get to take another turn when your turn ends. And if you roll doubles again, you get a third free turn. If you roll doubles again, on your third turn, you are sent to jail and that is the end of your turn. There is also a space on the board that if you land on it, you go directly to jail as well. While in jail, you cannot move unless you roll doubles. If you don't, your turn is just over. Also on the board are Chance and Community Chest spaces. When you land on these, you draw a card from the respective draw pile. Cards have a variety of effects from getting money from the bank, getting money from other players, having to pay money to the bank, having to pay money to other players, moving to a specific location, or even being sent to jail. Your playing piece will make many trips around the board while playing the game and every time it passes go, you earn $200 from the bank, allowing you to purchase more goodies or pay that evil scheming player that owns the property you just landed on.

As stated earlier, Monopoly isn't for someone who only has a few minutes, but few games are quite as fun.

Note: This game has a winner and a bunch of losers. Unlike a lot of other games where there is a winner and a bunch of other players that may or may not be close to winning, in Monopoly, there is only one player who will end up with all the money and the others will be out. This is how it was set up but if you have a problem crushing other players under your boot, then you may want to play a different game.

-Gamer Jason

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