Friday, March 23, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Chutes and Ladders

Here is another game that is great for playing with small children, but due to its complete lack of any type of actual skill involved in playing it, it gets a little tedious for grown-ups (when they are playing it without little ones).

A game in progress. Actually a fake game in progress as most games
do not get played on our chest freezer.
The game is played on a checkered board. Each square on the board is numbered, starting with 1 in the lower left hand corner and progressing up as you travel to the right. When you reach ten at the end of the first row, 11 is directly above it and then the numbers progress back toward the left where it will hit the end at 20. I bet you can figure out where the rest of the numbers end up from there.

The board
Some of the spaces are connected with chutes and some are connected with ladders. If you land on the lower space of a ladder, you move (climb) your piece to the top of the ladder. If  you land at the top of a chute, you move (slide) your piece to the bottom of the chute. To move, you spin a spinner and move a number of squares (numerically) along the board equal to the number spun. The first person to reach the top left square (100) wins.

This is a simple game that is good for teaching counting to little ones.

-Gamer Jason

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