Friday, March 16, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Candy Land

This game will always have a fond place in my memory, but until I have children to play it with, it will remain on the shelf. 
A game of Candy Land in progress
The game is super simple. You draw a card and move your piece to the next space on the board that corresponds with the color square on the card. If the card you draw has two matching colored squares, you move to the second matching colored square along the board path. The luckiest player, the first to reach the end of the path on the board, wins. There is no strategy in this game.

It is good for teaching colors, taking turns and basic game play to small children and I can remember wanting to play it over and over again as a child (go figure, I liked to play games then as well).

If you are looking for a game to pay with someone over the age of 5, then I advise you look somewhere else, but if you have a little one to play with you, will not find a better game than Candy Land.

-Gamer Jason

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