Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saving the Moola: Target's REDcard saves consumers money without using credit

Back in November, I blogged about how Jason and I shop on the day-after-Thanksgiving (also called Black Friday) as a means to get great deals on items we normally would not buy because the normal prices of those items are too much for us to swallow.

I'm a tad obsessed with this day. I'm not a crazy, rude shopper. In fact, we often sing Christmas carols and make friends with others in the checkout line. So perhaps because of my obsession, I often start thinking about what items I may want to include on the new year's DAT shopping list just as soon as the new year begins!

For many, many years now, I've been admiring the iPod. As of late, the iPod Touch has absolutely captured me. This has been something I've wanted for a very long time, this is something I've sacrificed for but never bought, this is something I've had the money fall into my lap for but instead gave the money away, this is something I've always believed I would admire from afar and never purchase just because it's such a luxurious want and not a need in the slightest.

After the new year began, I began compiling our DAT shopping list for 2012 with Jason's help. We quickly realized how few items we found we actually needed or wanted, and that was and is a fabulous feeling. He has been pestering me to buy an iPod Touch, especially in the last year or so when we've felt we've had enough money for such a large, fun purchase, and he suggested I add it to the list.

It took me quite a few days to think on whether I actually wanted to add it to the list. Never mind that adding an item to the list in no way guarantees the item will be bought, just adding an iPod Touch to the list was intimidating. And exciting!

I had heard about the Target REDcard in its credit form which offers five percent off each and every purchase, but upon further research of how I could an iPod Touch for the least expensive price, I discovered that the Target REDcard also comes in a debit form! I was so excited to find this out. The next time I went to Target, I took our checkbook and Jason and I easily signed up for a REDcart at the checkout. We got the debit-only version (a credit-only version is also available), and I could not be more pleased with it. With the debit version, a user of the card still gets five percent off. The card works like any other debit card - the money is instantly taken from the user's checking account, and it's just like paying cash!

If you shop at Target on a regular basis and either use cash or pay by a debit card, you really should get a Target REDcard. It's so easy and simple, and you'll save five percent on your entire purchase every time.

An iPod Touch is officially on our DAT shopping 2012 list. That doesn't mean I'll actually buy one, but the Target REDcard is making me feel the purchase price just a little easier to swallow. And while I count down the days to DAT shopping, I'll enjoy five percent off all my purchases from Target.

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