Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pin This!

Here are my best finds from Pinterest:

Every Friday in March, I'll be blogging about organization as Jason and I tackle targeted areas in our home that are horrifically disorganized. One area we're tackling: our office/second bedroom/craft room/line-dry laundry room. My fabric needs to get organized on the cheap, and making my own fabric bolts looks super easy and lovely.
Late last year, we purchased a quarter side of cow from our friends at Becker Farms. We got some cube steak in our side, and we cooked some up and wasn't a fan of the way it tasted on its own. But this recipe, cube steak with mushroom-sherry sauce, looks like it will liven up what is typically a bland sort of cut of meat. We're definitely trying this one out!
I love hats, but I don't own any! That's going to change before summer, as I'm in need of a good straw hat for picking berries (I'm totally a hick, I know). But this hat looks so beautiful, useful and perhaps simple enough for me to knit up. I think having a hat wardrobe would be AWESOME!
This tutorial for making tiny envelopes is awesome. What a great way to package jewelry from Hello Pretties!
Springtime is almost upon us, and along with it, all the joys of gardening! This cute lil' idea for a cupcake is almost better than actual carrots (not better for me, mind you, but a tasty treat nonetheless!).
You can view all my pins and boards right here. Are you on Pinterest? If so, leave a link to your awesome boards in the comments section. I would love to follow you! Until next time, happy pinning!

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