Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pin This!

Here's my favorite finds from Pinterest this past week...

My nana has me hooked on tortellini. This recipe looks delish! And since it's from Ms. Martha, am I really surprised?
I urge you NOT to look at the price of this shawl. Instead, I would urge you to make it yourself and enjoy the luxuriousness of this infinity shawl. I've been meaning to knit an infinity scarf for ages (maybe after I'm done with my winter shawl which is taking forever!). This looks a little too advanced as a project for me right now, but I yearn to make this someday.
Ha, like I need to learn one more thing! But my nana quilts and is making a quilt similar to this one (albeit much, much more difficult!). This would look so pretty in our master bedroom and totally liven it up for spring and summer (or even in winter for a reminder for summer!).
Um, yum. Hello, there. This noodly, beefy, mushroomy soup looks YUM. It does have an odd ingredient though: ketchup. Very odd indeedy.
This thought and fact can either haunt you or help you. I think it's going to haunt me for the rest of this work-crazy month, but I think it will help me come March through the summer! (Then work gets crazy again, so probably not so much after July...)
Are you on Pinterest? I sure hope so! Leave a link to your boards in the comments so I can follow you and check out all your pins. Who knows - maybe some will be featured here! You can view all my boards and pins right here.


Mrs. Schwartz said...

I'm on Pinterest, you can find me here: : )

Jess and Jason said...

Thanks!!! I'm now following you :)