Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pin This!

Here are my best finds from Pinterest this week:

This recipe for cheesy taco pasta looks delish. We're always looking for alternatives to our own recipe of taco bowl, and this looks like a great one!
I have really been wanting to try polymer clay projects for awhile, and this little necklace has me nearly convinced I must try a project soon. This simple pendant looks like a great first project.
Christmas ornaments, in case you haven't yet noticed, are one of my favorite homemade Christmas gift items. These ornaments are shower curtain rings wrapped with yarn - LOVE! So simple, and so crafty. I love upcycling!
I totally need and want this! I have a standard pincushion I use, but when I'm sewing something by hand in my favorite leather chair, the pincushion is easily misplaced. I love this idea.
One habit/goal I've been working on in 2012 is to praise God through the good and the bad. Without bragging, I'm actually pretty good with doing this, possibly because I've been practicing this concept for a couple of years. But there's always room for improvement and I really like this quote.
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Carlye Jean Rankin said...

I love your pins! I am officially addicted to Pinterest. I tagged you in a little questionnaire. I would love to learn more about you!