Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In My Mailbox: free magazines!

We got a couple of free magazine issues last week: Women's Health and Woman's Day. I signed up for these subscriptions for free online.

It was a pretty quiet week for free items in our mailbox. Here's to hoping the mailwoman brings us lots of goodies this week!

Share with us: Do you read all your free magazines and/or use them for crafts? I use mine for both, but then I give away whatever is left of each issue! I'd love to know how you're using your free magazines.

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Danielle said...

Hi! We try to read most magazines and then recycle or share them with others, but now I find I need to stop signing up for every free magazine: we just can't through them and it is adding to clutter--augh! I looove magazines though, so that's tough. The food mags are what suck me in. I notice I'm not reading my Shape mag too much:)