Friday, February 17, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Sorry! Revenge

I was a little skeptical of Sorry! Revenge as I couldn't think of how Sorry! would be transferred into a card game. But, I also thought that about Monopoly DEAL, and I thought that was a great example of a fun card game based on a board game.

A game of Sorry! Revenge in progress. Blue just tried to make
Yellow Sorry! with his Sorry! card, but Yellow decided to not
be Sorry! with his Don't Be Sorry! card. Go Yellow!
We got this game home, opened it up and played a couple of games, and it is fun. The only difference is I don't feel like I am playing Sorry!. Each player starts with four pawn cards showing the start side. The goal of the game is to be the first player to flip all four of your pawn cards over so they are showing their home sides. To do this, you will play cards from your hand.

A picture of the different Sorry! Revenge cards
There are three types of cards: number cards, action cards, and Sorry! cards. Sorry! cards are the only cards you can play when it isn't your turn and they have the rules for that right on the card so you won't get confused. When you play a number card, you add the number on the card to the value of the stack (all the number cards below it). So if the stack had a value of 12 and you played a 5, the stack's new value would be 17. The goal is to hit 21 without going over. If you play the card that puts the stack at 21, you get to flip one of your pawn cards from start to home. The stack is placed to the side and the next player starts a new stack.

Action cards are cards that change the rules just a little bit. One action card reverses the order of play. A few of the action cards are slide cards that set the value of the stack at their value (I guess these are supposed to represent the slide spaces on the Sorry! board) so if you played a slide 10 card on a stack with a value of 17 the stack's new value would be 10. There are other types of actions cards but I think you get the picture. And finally, there are the Sorry! cards. One flips an opponent's pawn from home position back to start, one lets you flip a pawn instead of the player who just made the stack reach 21, and the third (which is called Don't Be Sorry!) lets you cancel any Sorry! card just played on you.

Earlier, I said the game doesn't feel like Sorry! and I still feel that it doesn't capture the feel of the board game at all. Plus the name of the game doesn't fit the play as very little revenge actually takes place during the playing of the game. But since both of these 'complaints' have nothing to do with the actual funness of the game, I would still recommend that you give it a try. If you are like us, you will enjoy playing it. If you are looking for a more portable game of Sorry! though, I would not get this game.

-Gamer Jason

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