Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Scrabble

You would think that the guy, whom as a kid, failed at spelling until it wasn't a graded subject (and then continued to fail at it) would hate a game whose whole premise is spelling words, but that is not the case, and Scrabble is one of the funnest games to play with a small gathering of friends/family (maximum 4 players).

A game of Scrabble in progress
The game consists of a bunch of tiles each with a letter on them (and a small number to represent how many points are earned for playing it) and a board covered in a grid of which each grid space is the size of a tile. Each player then takes turns playing words on the board. The first player's word must be placed so one letter is in the center word of the board, but from there each person's tiles must play off of an already placed word. In essence, you are building a crossword puzzle. Littered across the board are colored squares that either double or triple the score of the tile or word first played on them adding a bit more fun as you try to get your words to lie just right so that no one will ever come close to your score (you can only have up to 7 tiles at any given time and if you somehow happen to play all seven on a single turn, you get 50 bonus points along with all the points for the played words). After you play a word, you draw enough tiles to bring the number you have back to seven and play continues on until there are no tiles left to draw, and no player can play any more words. The winner is the player with the higher score.
Jess is winning in this example. Drat!
Incredibly simple and even more incredibly fun, this game gets brought out more than any other board game and more than a lot of the card games as well from our closet when we are searching for a game to play. It is my strong recommendation that if you are amassing any amount of games for any reason, you should include this game in your collection.

-Gamer Jason

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