Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winning at Walgreen's

Part of our regular weekend routine is to hit up both CVS and Walgreen's. I'm in charge of Walgreen's, and Jason is in charge of CVS, although we both offer input when asked. Recently, I looked through a Rite Aid ad, but there is just nothing to compel me to shop there, even though there's one on every corner in my area, it seems like. So for now, and for the foreseeable future, we're just sticking with Walgreen's and CVS, just in case anyone was wondering why we don't shop there.

Here's what we bought this week at Walgreen's:

I had one RR coupon from the previous week for $6 and a whole bunch of other coupons. Since Walgreen's only lets you use the same or lesser number of coupons for the number of items one is purchasing, I planned out my trip in advance.

I used a peelie I got the previous week on the bag of M & M's. Walgreen's must've raised their prices on this bag, as last week, the peelie was enough to get a bag for free. The peelie is good for one free bag up to a $3.49 value. This week, the price was $3.99. Thankfully, the cashier showed me a coupon out of the January booklet that still allowed me to get the bag for free. Yay!

The Flurry protein bar was $1.99 with $2 back in RR. This is the only RR coupon I received from this purchase, so that might be bad news for next week. We'll see!

Walgreen's was offering an in-ad coupon for Jergen's 8-pack bar soap for $1.99. This is a very good price for soap, in my opinion. We love Skinny Cow candy and it was on sale for $2.99 a box, plus I had a buy one, get one free coupon.

My total came to $1.09 after the sales and coupons. My price per item fell to $1.17. I anticipate this will go up next week since I only have $2 to go toward that purchase in free money. My goal of $1 per item has yet to be reached!

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