Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winning at Walgreen's

Jason and I took quite a long hiatus from playing the drugstore game. The holidays were upon us, and we just weren't seeing any amazing deals that were worth leaving the house since we were home so infrequently as it was.

However, now that our lives are back to a regular routine and we saw some good deals, we're back at it! We shopped at Walgreen's over this past weekend, and here's what we bought and the breakdown:

The first transaction took place on Saturday, using last week's sales. The cereal was buy 4 for $10 with $3 back in Register Rewards (RR). Each box, without RR, is $2.25. My ideal price point for cereal is $1 per box, but since that isn't really feasible, sadly, I liked that I could get Jason some name-brand cereal and get RR, at a final price of $1.75 (when taking into consideration the RR I would receive).

I'm slightly obsessed with EOS products, and the lip balm was $2.99 with $2 back in RR - score! And the protein bar was $1.99 with $2 back in RR.

After this transaction, since I had no RR to start with, my price per item rose to $1.57 per item. Since I would gladly pay that price per item for all of the items above, I considered this trip a success.

Then, on Sunday, we purchased these items, using this week's sales:

The Syntha meal replacement bar was $1.89 with $2 back in RR. Tom's toothpaste was $3.99 with $3 back in RR, and Colgate toothpaste was two tubes for $6 with $4 back in RR. I wasn't even going to get the Colgate toothpaste, but Jason saw the deal and was very excited about it so we got that, too. I was hoping to get the EOS hand lotion that was on sale, but my local store didn't have it yet (I'm still deciding if we should check in Ann Arbor on Thursday...).

After this transaction, my price per item fell to $1.55 per item. That's an okay price for the items above, but obviously, my goal is to get back to the $1.15 price point I was at for all of my items.

So far, I've purchased 29 items with an out-of-pocket cost of $44.82. Not too bad, but there's definitely room for improvement! 

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Carlye Jean Rankin said...

Awesome job! I too haven't been playing the drugstore game lately. I am hoping that I find great deals this coming week. I have ECBs at CVS to use so I am hoping to score big there!