Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pin This!

Here are great finds from Pinterest...

Obviously, you wouldn't want to do this on a window that you want to actually use curtains on, but for a room where window dressing is to liven up the room, this is genius! Find a tree branch strewn about a park/yard/etc, spray paint it in the color you desire (or leave natural for an equally stunning look), and put your curtain with curtain rings on it. LOVE! DIY, frugal and green!
Mmhmm, this looks good! Chicken noodle casserole.
I think a few nieces and nephews might receive this in the coming years - felt Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! I have a big stash of felt fabric because I use felt for other various craft projects. So this project would be zero cost to me. Love that!
I'm rather sure J and I could figure this one without paying money for a pattern, and I don't know what the fad is with owls, but I'm totally buying the idea! Owls are just too cute. I can never have too many tote bags and this one may just need to find its way into my collection...
I love this recipe! S'mores cookie bars would be great for taking on vacations. J and I always pack snack food for vacations to cut out spending in that area. This recipe would be great for our summer weekend get-away we're planning to take in Petoskey.
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