Friday, January 13, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Skip-Bo

A game in progress - the top player has only placed cards into three of his four discard piles. The cards to the left are finished buildings.
A deck of Skip-Bo cards contains a total of 162 cards. They are numbered 1 through 12 and also there is the Skip-Bo card as well which is wild when playing.

All the different Skip-Bo cards are pictured here.
Up to six players can play at a time but I have not played with more than two for quite some time so my review will only focus on the two-player game. Each player is dealt a stockpile of 30 cards. The top card of the stockpile is turned face up. The first player to go draws a hand of five cards. He then may start up to four buildings around the drawpile. Buildings are started by playing a 1 from either your hand, your stockpile or a discard pile (we will get to these later). You could also start a building with a Skip-Bo card as well since they are wild. You then continue building upon the building pile by playing the next consecutive card (or a Skip-Bo). Whenever you play the top card of your stockpile, you turn the next card over and the goal of the game is to play all the cards from your stockpile. At the end of your turn, when you have no more plays (or choose not to play any more cards), you must discard a card into one of your four discard piles. Play travels around the table with each player filling their hand to five cards at the start of their turn and discarding one card at the end of their turn. If ever a players plays all five of the cards from their hand, they draw five more cards and continue their turn.

Though the explanation of this game sounds confusing, it is good fun and you will find yourself thinking much more than you thought a card game would make you. Jess and I received this for Christmas, and Jess had never played it but after one game, she was thoroughly intrigued. It's also a great learning game for little ones.

-Gamer Jason

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