Friday, January 27, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Electronic Catch Phrase

It beeps, it buzzes, and it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Whatever could I be talking about? Electronic Catch Phrase.

Add three AAA batteries and call me in the morning.

The idea behind this game is simple. A phrase (or just one word) is displayed on the view finder and you have to get your team to say the phrase, so you can move onto the next phrase. The fun comes in with the rule that you cannot say any words in the phrase. The whole time you are doing this, the handheld device keeps beeping, and when the beeps speed up, you know that your time is almost up. The goal is to have your team shout out more correct phrases than the other team.

For more fun, the phrases are divided into the following categories: The World, Places, Sci-Tech, Sports and Games, Entertainment, Food, and Everything.

Though devilishly simple, it doesn't stop Electronic Catch Phrase from being ridiculously fun for everyone playing (if you have a headache or think you may be developing one, do not participate in a game of Electronic Catch Phrase as everyone will be yelling answers to be heard over each other and the never-ending beeping).

-Gamer Jason

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