Friday, January 20, 2012

The Gaming Corner: Dominoes

There are so many different types of Dominoes games! I just recently was gifted a double twelve set of Dominoes for Jesus' birthday so I will be focusing on that. There are double nine and double six sets as well, and I have no doubt that there are other size sets that I haven't heard of yet.

Double Twelve, the domino that our set was named after.
In a double twelve set, there are 91 dominoes. Each domino in the set is unique. One side of a domino is blank and the other side has two numbers on it represented by spots. The number of spots ranges from none (or 0) through 12.

All 91 dominoes from the set!
Jess and I play a basic game, but our set come with rules for 15 different types of domino games (and none of them match the way we play).

The basic rules that we play by goes like this:
  • Turn all the dominoes blank side up.
  • Each player draws 7 dominoes.
  • The player who has the domino with the highest matching numbers plays first and must play that domino.
  • From there, you must play a domino that has a matching number to one of the ends of the already played dominoes.
  • You can play off of the sides of doubles but only off of the ends of other dominoes.
  • If you don't have a domino that can be played, draw one from the pile of unused dominoes. If you can play it do so right away, otherwise your turn is over.
  • You win when you are the first player to play all of your dominoes.
Game in progress - lots of doubles were played this game
Simple, ain't it?

-Gamer Jason

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