Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winning at Walgreen's

This week was a great one for freebies and near-freebies at Walgreen's. Here's what I picked up:

Here's how the transaction broke down:

The contact solution was on sale for $6.99 with $5 back in RR. The can of mandarin oranges was on sale for 59 cents with an in-ad coupon. The Goody hair claws were on sale for $2 with $2 back in RR.

I had three items and three "coupons" - 2 RR coupons and one in-ad coupon. I used all of my RR (which was two) and spent $1.12 out of pocket. I received a $2 gift card (for the hair claws - the RR coupon didn't print) and $5 in a RR coupon. YAY! I was so stoked to get contact solution as I'm on my last bottle. And hair accessories are something I regularly spend too much money on (on account of Preston hiding all my hair ties and me losing all my bobby pins), so it's nice to get something for free that I know I'll end up losing over time, anyway.

My total price-per-item, which is a price figured from all I've ever spent at Walgreen's since I first began shopping there against the total number of items I've ever purchased, is now at $1.15. My big goal is to get under $1. Once I hit that, I'll try to keep getting my price-per-item even lower, but I'm so excited that I'm inching closer and closer to my $1 goal.

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