Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Book Room: Daily Gifts of Grace

Starting with this past year (2011), Jason and I have included a devotional as part of our daily reading. Jason hasn't yet chosen a book for 2012 (there are a few I've collected over the years that he's planning to choose from), but when I saw this book, I knew this was the book for me for 2012.

One area of my life in which I struggle is to be feminine in the way God called all women to be. This has been a struggle more often than not in the past eight years, as my husband and I both feel more comfortable in the other role - my husband feels more comfortable in the traditional wife roles (cleaning, cooking, etc.) and I feel more comfortable in the traditional husband roles (primary breadwinner, financial handler, etc.). Recently, I've felt a deep pressing on my heart to embrace the traditional womanly roles and to be more feminine in the ways God calls us to be.

I should never, ever judge a book by its cover, but I think all book lovers can admit they do this more often than not (and are wrong sometimes too!). This book's cover seems to fit with my desire to be more feminine - it reminds me of a young girl's diary in its structure, print and colors. Daily Gifts of Grace is a daily devotional compiled by Women of Faith conference speakers. I've yet to attend one of these wonderful conferences, but I can tell you that the women who shared their hearts in this devotional are truly inspiring.

Clearly, I have yet to read the entire book so I could not tell you, in its entirety, how wonderful this devotional is, but I feel sure this book is just the devotional I was looking for to keep me on track with my 2012 goals and priorities.

This book starts on January 1 and goes through to the end of the year. Ladies, if you're still looking for a devotional for yourself, or if anyone is looking to get a special woman a devotional for the new year, I think this would be just right one.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing a copy for review.

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