Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saving the Moola: Swagbucks + Amazon Subscribe and Save = free groceries! (and other household items...)

Free cereal!
Back in June, I detailed the many wonderful qualities of's Subscribe and Save program. Also around that time, Jason and I learned of Swagbucks and began utilizing that tool to get free gift cards. In determining our budget for 2012 (you can read a lot about this process here), and in prayerfully considering how we wanted 2012 to look like, we decided to do something a bit more practical with some of our gift cards.

In 2011, we used these gifts cards to buy items we wanted, such as Disney DVDs or Christmas gifts. We used some of them, but admittedly few, on household items, like cuticle sticks and castile bar soap. But because one area in which we tend to go over budget is grocery (which includes all household items like shampoo, etc.), we decided that every other order we made from would be for household items.

Doing this not only gives us free items we actually need, such as diced tomatoes or beef broth, but it will also save us money on our grocery bill and best of all: we can get the brand names and organic food we really want without spending a dime. Jason loves Chex cereal, but the brand name is costly and Aldi's version of this is not the cheapest on the shelves (Aldi is the cheapest place to buy cereal sans coupons or other deals being offered). By using gift cards, we ordered five boxes of Chex cereal for free.

We use the Subscribe and Save option which gives us the best use of our gift cards. Shipping is free with any Subscribe and Save order, even if the order doesn't meet $25. Also, you can cancel your future shipments at any time without any hassle or extra cost. So we cancel the future shipments and enjoy the low price of Subscribe and Save (or, if you know you will be needing this item also in the future, you can choose how frequently you want the item to arrive and remain in the Subscribe and Save program).

I'm super excited to get all kinds of great household items for free! I love Back to Nature boxed mac and cheese, but I'm unwilling to spend money on it (Aldi is also the cheapest place for mac and cheese, in case anyone was wondering!). But through Swagbucks and, I can get the taste I want for free! YIPPEE!

You can read a brief tutorial on how Swagbucks works here. Jason and I each have an account, and between the both of us, we get about $25 of gift cards per month. That's $300 in one year! And we truly enjoying getting the points and taking surveys through Swagbucks. This is a great way to spend a little time each day and earn gift cards when we want to: in the evening, at night, early in the morning. It's a great way to add a little extra money to our budget without taxing ourselves or juggling a crazy schedule.

Share with us: Are you a fellow Swagger? If so, what's your favorite prize?

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CaliforniaDreaming said...

Another great site is It's a lot like Swagbucks, but soooo much better. In my opinion their ways to earn are just a lot cooler.. like watching youtube, searching google, making suggestions, and the idea wall. The hyperactive points (bonus points every 9 minutes) and 8% of referrals points for life is what I like the most though.
Between that and the $10 for reading strategies and tutorials, I think its pretty awesome. If you want more tips/help after you read the strategies, feel free to email me at :)