Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pin This!

Here are some great finds from Pinterest...

Despite the fact that my husband despises eggs and eggnog, I would still make these eggnog tea cookies for me. How cute do they look?! And yummy, too!

A must-have bag. I'm still deciding how I could make this myself but rest assured, I will post a tutorial when I do as I literally must have this bag!

Jason and I do not yet have a nativity, even though I have the most perfect space for it. We thought about buying a piece each year (nativity sets can be costly), but I love that this version is not only DIY, but it's also simple. I am totally making this next year and can't wait for this to be a part of my Christmas decor and memories.
With how many books I read, you'd think I'd have a bookmark. Nope. I just use Post-It notes (I stick them on the back of the book when I'm reading), but I've been hankering for a nice bookmark for awhile. I love this idea because it's simple, cost effective and easy and quick to make.
Okay, okay, it's not even Christmas yet and my mind is already on February? Goodness. Jason and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day (literally, we do nothing, so maybe "don't really" is an understatement...), but when I saw these sweet little cupcakes, my mind immediately thought, "V-day!" But I'm rather sure they would taste good any time of the year.
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