Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pin This!

Here's some great ideas from Pinterest I want to show you all!

Scrabble pillows - I'm so sure I could do these myself and Jason would
totally go nuts over these. Scrabble is one of his most favorite games ever.
This is a genius idea - collect sand from all the beaches you visit, then put the sand in a clear ornament to commemorate and remember at Christmastime. I am totally going to start doing this!!
Most people in MI have ornaments with their names on them from Bronners. I love this simple, DIY sort of version. These look simple, yet sophisticated. I love the idea, too, of attaching one of these to the recipient's gift with the recipient's initial.
A relative of ours has asparagus growing in their yard like a weed and has graciously offered us as much as we can pick. This asparagus gratin dish looks like a great way to use up some that we will be storing in our freezer this spring.
Jason loves anything that involves the combination of mint and chocolate. These four-ingredient Andes cookies would be the perfect treat for him. I may just have to sneak Andes mints on the grocery list soon...
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