Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Gaming Corner: Mad Gab

Picture of the timer, 3 cards, the flip thingie, and a scorecard
Super bonus points for anyone who can determine the answer to the four clues

This game is a load of fun and after playing it, Jess and I ended up giggling like small children who were just told a fart joke.

The game consists of many, many cards which have words written on them in little speech bubbles. Depending on whose turn it is, they need to take these odd combinations of words and figure out the hidden message in them. They do this by reading the words aloud. Then, they need to rearrange the spaces, syllables with emphasis, and even sometimes adding a vowel or two. For example, a card may have "Law Sand Jealous" in its speech bubble. The answer to the puzzle is "Los Angeles." The game gets hysterical and we never made it to the 25 points to win a game. The timer gets annoying and we gave up on it, instead just seeing if we could figure out more clues than the other person.

I can see where gathered in a group this game could be great fun, especially with the addition of teams and sealers. As only one team can guess at a time, while the other team is guessing and running out of time, one person from the other team will sit quietly (not knowing the answers) and wait for the time to go out. When this happens if he knows the answer, he can steal the point for his team.

-Gamer Jason

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