Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saving the Moola: the benefits of a big freezer

For many months, Jason and I had been considering the purchase of a chest or upright freezer. We knew having a freezer, despite the initial cost for the item itself and the energy costs, would ultimately save us money, but we wondered if it was too weird to buy one and have one in an apartment. We also wanted to be sure, absolutely sure, it was a wise investment.

Frigidaire 7.2 CU
After talking to many people, some of whom had owned a freezer in an apartment, we ultimately decided a chest freezer was the way to go for us. About a month ago, we completed our research and price-compared at Sears, Best Buy and ABC Warehouse. We decided on the freezer pictured here and received an ah-mazing deal. We've made it a point to bring in our research when buying big-ticket items to negotiate the price, and it always, always helps to pay in cash. We got a steal of a deal on our freezer and couldn't be happier with it so far.

Annually, the freezer will cost around $30 to run. I've always been a big believer in you have to spend money to make money, and this is one of those instances where this rings true. Yes, you have to spend physical money of some amount to obtain a freezer. And yes, it will change your energy bill each month (by a couple of dollars). But, if you are a smart consumer, your freezer will work for you to save you more money than you spent on it. Here are some ways we plan to make our freezer work for us:
  • Buying extra turkeys around Thanksgiving when turkey prices hit rock bottom for use at Christmas and other random points of the year (turkey is good for up to six months in a freezer)
  • Picking berries in the summer ourselves and storing them for future use, all year round
  • Picking asparagus from a relative who has graciously offered to give us all the asparagus we could ever want for free (we plan to pick a LOT!)
  • Purchasing frozen items from the store in bulk when they are on a sale (such as Meijer organic frozen pizza - a pizza is normally $5, but earlier this year, they went on sale for $3.50 - we bought as many as we could to fit in our tiny freezer, but that is about 3. If that sales comes back around, we'll probably buy 10!)
  • Freezing meals that make several portions for leftovers that we could not eat before we consider it "expired" in the fridge (such as lasagna, soup)
Freezer Inventory Printable
Some people prefer an upright freezer because it allows them to more easily see their inventory. I can understand this, as I remember looking into my parents' chest freezer as a young girl and having great fun in seeing what I could find at the bottom of the freezer and seeing if I could even identify what the item was under all the freezer burn. is a great website that has fantastic printables, such as freezer inventory sheet. We're utilizing this printable to make sure we know what's in the freezer and we use it before it expires (most items are good for up to a year in a freezer). also has printables for the pantry and loads of other things - I love this site!

Tune in December 3 to hear the #1 way our freezer is working for us and learn about a great way to help support a small business and people in your community.

Share with us: Do you have a big freezer? In what ways do you make you freezer work for you?

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