Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In My Mailbox

This was such a weird week of freebies. First off, up until today, we only received this strange freebie of five USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes. We've carefully checked all our statements to ensure we did not somehow order these without our knowledge. We haven't and our statements agree. I've searched my mind to see if I could ever recall signing up for these for free. I didn't (at least as far as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory). So I have no clue why USPS would send me these (that's who the boxes came from), but they would make great boxes for Christmas gifts - score one for me, I guess!!

We also received the December issue of Martha Stewart Living as part of a free magazine subscription I signed up for through RewardsGold.

Share with us: What awesome or, as the case may be, strange freebies have you received this week?


Jennifer said...

Hi there! We got a nice surprise in the mail this week. One Kings Lane sent personalized notecards as a thank you gift to my order I placed last month. :)

Jess and Jason said...

Unexpected freebies are the BEST! :) Thanks for sharing!!!