Friday, November 11, 2011

Crafty Christmas: (insert item here)-of-the-month club

Christmas Countdown: Christmas is only 6 weeks away!

Christmas craziness is turning up as more and more Day-After-Thanksgiving ads are released to the public. While Jason and I shop on this day (see more about this in next Friday's Life and Style post), most of our actual gifts for friends and family are handmade. The most recent comments I've heard regarding handmade gifts is that they take too long or the person wanting to hand make gifts isn't crafty enough.

Well, here's an item that anyone can do! We've all heard of those cheese-of-the-month clubs or bread-of-the-month clubs, right? I'm re-inventing that concept this year for someone on my own holiday gift list with a muffin-of-the-month club! Just make up a simple card to give to the recipient, announcing the item you're gifting each month. Then, make the item each month and hand deliver it to that person. This concept would probably work best for people you normally see on a regular, monthly basis.

Some ideas for items-of-the-month club include:
  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Breads
  • Cakes/cupcakes
  • Beef jerky
  • Dips
  • Brownies
You can find our beef jerky recipe here, olive dip recipe here, pb and j sandwich cookies recipe here and chocolate chip cookies recipe here.

Here are some of the muffin varieties I plan on making and gifting to my relative:

Banana Nut Muffins
Jam-Filled Muffins

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins
Gifts-of-the-month clubs are great because it's literally, a gift that keeps giving - both to you and the recipient. You get the joy of gifting something year round and cooking for another person, and the recipient gets the joy of receiving all year and enjoying your handmade yummies. That's a win-win for everyone!


Rose said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Jess and Jason said...

YAY! I'm glad you like it!!!! said...


This is awesome and we wish we were on your list but for those of us who aren't may we humbly recommend a website. has over 30 different monthly clubs to choose from and may give you and your readers a few ideas for homemade suggestions as well. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Dana A. Romero