Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gaming Corner: Old Maid

Jess and I actually don't play this game correctly at all. We play it much more like Concentration than Old Maid (I'll include the rules for both). One would think that a couple of twenty-somethings could find funner things to do than sit around and play little kid's card games, but they would be wrong. Jess and I love this game and play it all the time.

How We Play:
  • Lay all cards face down in as close to a rectangle shape as you can.
  • On your turn, you turn two cards face up, without moving them from their relation with the other cards.
    • If both cards match, then remove them from play and place them in front of you in a pile and repeat your turn.
    • If both cards do not match, turn the cards back down, and play passes to the next player.
  • Play continues until the only card remaining is the Old Maid card (which doesn't have a match).
  • Players then count up the number of pairs that they have and the player with the most pairs wins.

A just started game
The first turn
A game in progress
Included Instructions:
  • Deal the cards as evenly as possible between all players.
  • All pairs are removed from your hand and placed in front of you.
  • Players take turns drawing one card from the player to their left, laying down pairs as they get them.
  • Play ends when only one player has a card left, the Old Maid (which has no match).
  • Players then count up their pairs and the winner is the one with the most.
We think that the official rules are much too reliant on luck and would rather play Go Fish, which we do, than play the game this way.

-Gamer Jason

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