Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life & Style: goals for this week

Here's my goals this week:

-Complete Swagbucks survey profiles for my account

Home Management
-Keep knitting blanket
-Organize pantry
-Sew felt catnip toy for Preston
-Research chest freezers; compare prices

-Start making little dear ornaments

-Write to Jhonny

One Last Note: Only make goals for things that aren't second nature to you. For instance, I usually add "drink lots and lots of water" to my personal goals, but now that this is something that's become a habit, I don't need to focus on it so much. I used to add "declutter house" to home management, but now that I'm doing this every day without fail, I don't need it on the goals list. A goals list isn't just a good way to get special projects done around the house - it can also be a great way to form good, healthy habits.

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