Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life & Style: goals for this week

Last week, we shared that one of our goals was learning how to take care of a baby for a day. While babies don't really fit into our current lifestyle (and at this exact moment in time, we are unwilling to change to allow for babies), taking care of Izzy was incredibly easy. We had a blast going to the farmer market, going to Walmart, running around the house, eating yummy food, talking to Preston and reading books. Here's some pics of our adventures below: 
Raspberries are yummy!
Double-fisting the food
Time for a nap with Tiggy
A knitting needle makes a really good drumstick!
Um, can I eat the whole bowl?
You didn't want any raspberries, right?
I'm going to hide in my safe spot until
the pint-sized human leaves.
I'm helping Uncle J work!

I think all of us had a good time, and I have confirmation all four of us (Izzy, Jason, Preston and I) slept very well in our beds Saturday night.

 Here's our goals this week:

-Work out two times
-Drink lots and lots of water
-Pack for vaca
-Make for vaca: sugar cookies, peanut energy bars, trail mix, popcorn

Home Management
-Declutter every day
-Organize junk drawer
-Keep knitting blanket (this is taking a loooot longer than planned!!!)
-Put mail on hold while on vacation

-Create sticky labels for Christmas gifts (this did not get done at ALL last week!)

-Donate stamp bag to ELC (this did not happen last week!)
-Donate bag of goods to Salvation Army

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