Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In My Mailbox

We're still waiting to get our held mail from the post office from when we were on vacation (sigh!), but here's what we got the week leading up to our vacation:

Jason received another Popular Science magazine as part of the free one-year subscription we signed up for. I was thrilled to get a free sample of Nivea body wash and some great coupons! I am planning to make my own body wash soon as it is much cheaper this way, but I have to say, of all the commercial body washes one can buy, Nivea is my favorite. I will donate these coupons to Coupon2Give.

We received the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook and Kingdom Come (Left Behind series #13) as an amazon.com order we placed. The order cost nothing, as we used amazon.com gift cards we received for free with SwagBucks. You can create a SwagBucks account for free by clicking here, and click here for a quick tutorial from Jason on how SwagBucks works.

As a general rule, we do not buy fiction books as these can be obtained for free from the library. However, I had purchased books 1 - 12 for $1 each at a library book sale, as I wanted to read these at my own pace and I wanted to own them in my permanent home library. Over the years, I have searched for book #13 but have never found it either at the library used bookstore or at the library sales. I just want to encourage everyone to please visit your local library to borrow books, and in the case that you want to own a book in your permanent library, buy used, or if you must own new, purchase for free with SwagBucks amazon.com gift cards.

Share with us: What awesome freebies did you get in the mail recently?

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