Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In My Mailbox

This past week, I received the second issue of my yearly subscription to Woman's Day that I got for free from who knows where. I also received a coupon for a free can of ProPlan cat food. Jason and I have been scouring the shelves at stores but cannot yet find this brand (we're trying Meijer next week). If we can't find it, we'll just donate the coupon to Coupon2Give - we were only getting the cat food for our animal shelter charity stockpile anyway.

We also received a free Garnier Fructis shampoo sample. I do not remember signing up for this one, but since they have sent me so many, I'm wondering if I'm just on their mailing list now. If so, then I'm happy! I love free samples.

I signed up to receive a free Ball fruit pectin sample. This sample will make 2 jars of jam. I'm thinking of trying peach jam (I had a coupon for $1/1 Ball fruit pectin and also redeemed this for a free pouch so I could make 4 jars!).

Clif sent us a free sample of their Mojo bar with a coupon. Jason enjoyed the bar, and we're donating the coupon to Coupon2Give.

By and far, the best sample we received in the mail this past week and possibly ever was a box full of Suave samples and coupons. We received: a dry shampoo bottle, a bottle of men's body wash and a tube of body lotion along with coupons. We're donating the coupons to Coupon2Give as the value for the coupons doesn't work out to a good deal (but someone else may really really like Suave and appreciate the coupons).

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DebS said...

That's funny; I got a lot of the same free stuff as you. I haven't signed up for any free magazine subscriptions yet. When I get a magazine I tend to practically read it from cover to cover. In other words, hours of time I should be doing something else. I forgot about free coupons I could be getting in them, though. Maybe I'll rethink that one...