Monday, August 15, 2011

Life & Style: How to Achieve Reading 5 Books a Week, Making Christmas Gifts, or Anything You Set Your Mind To!

Crystal at posted an article about setting goals, and I found this article incredibly inspiring and useful.

As one friend recently put it, I sometimes do things that are anal retentive. I do not disagree with this at all. Scheduling my day literally half hour by half hour is a bit extreme. Writing down the prices of almost every item at every grocery store I ever frequent is also a challenge and a very large, time-consuming project.

But, I promise, you all can achieve whatever you set your mind to! Inspired by Crystal's article here, I'm vowing to share with everyone my top goals each week. I hope doing so offers inspiration and insight as to how you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Most goals are never met unless they are written down, so I hope you take five minutes every Sunday or Monday and jot down your main goals for the week.

My categories of goals are: marriage, personal, home management, business and ministry.

As Crystal is doing, I am also, smartly I think, opting out of sharing my marriage goals, but I will say this: if you want to know, in general, what Jason and I each focus on each day of our marriage, watch Fireproof, read and complete the Love Dare, and read and complete the Love Dare Day by Day. These books and DVD encapsulate what we try to maintain and grow in our marriage.

Here's my goals:

-Work out twice (any kind of workout will do - weight lifting, Mr. Richard Simmons, elliptical, etc.)
-Stay on reading schedule (this may prove difficult with a crazy work month...)

Home Management
-Declutter every day
-Compile projects list (so I have a complete list of projects to tackle later on)
-Make jam-filled muffins

-Research pages to create on blog
-Work on Crafty Christmas blog posts
-Make knot bracelet (if this turns out, I'll share it on here!)

-Write to Jhonny, my sweet boy I sponsor through Compassion International
-Find a ministry or charity that will take our charity stockpile of school supplies for needy kids/schools
-Donate the boxes of books and DVDs in my car (from the rained-out yard sale on Saturday) to the Ypsi Library
-Donate the extra box of stuff we compiled from purging our closets to Salvation Army

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