Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life & Style: goals for this week

Angel Holiday Pail
I painted this last week for a Christmas gift and completed a business goal!

My goals last week... went okay. I think I'm learning a bit about myself and which goals are feasible and which are not. And with the support of some of my dear readers, I'm giving up the milk goal I set for myself last week. I did meet the milk goal three days, and two of the days, I didn't complain in my head at all. But, I'm just going to make a conscious effort to drink milk when I can.

Here are my goals this week:

-Work out two times
-Drink lots and lots of water
-Start our packing list for September vaca
-Learn how to take care of a baby for a day (We're using Izzy, our darling niece, for this experiment... and we don't know how to change a diaper. This should be interesting!)

Home Management
-Declutter every day
-Organize office closet
-Knit a small blanket

-Pick fabric and designs for hollyjoy ornaments
-Begin creating sticky labels for Christmas gifts
-Stamp 4 pages for NLC tags

-Donate all stamps in stamp bag to our Ypsi church

-Jason and I are keeping the majority of our goals in this area private, but we wanted to share we're re-doing the Love Dare Day by Day. This book and the original 40-day Love Dare book are great ways to be mindful of your partner and to show love and kindness to him/her.

I'm a little low on ministry goals - if anyone has any ideas for goals in this category or just wants to share what they're doing in their lives, I'd love to hear about it!

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RogersUIO said...

I found your blog via MSM and enjoyed poking around a bit. Missionaries love to receive a letter from home (I know from personal experience!). Maybe you could try putting that on your list once a month or so.